Explore the Vagos Hideout MLO for FiveM: An Intricate Haven for GTA 5 Enthusiasts


Dive into the Vagos Hideout MLO in FiveM! Featuring an 8-ball table, storage rooms & more in GTA 5’s iconic Vagos territory




The FiveM platform has consistently delivered immersive experiences for GTA 5 enthusiasts worldwide. One of its most intriguing and highly demanded modifiable locations is the Vagos Hideout FiveM MLO. With its dynamic design and strategic location, this MLO provides both game developers and players with a fascinating space that exemplifies the essence of the Vagos lifestyle in GTA 5.

The Vagos, a notorious gang in the world of Grand Theft Auto, has its own distinct flair. Their presence in the game adds depth, intrigue, and a touch of rebellious energy. This particular hideout MLO meticulously captures the spirit and essence of the Vagos, a feature that will undoubtedly resonate with gamers familiar with the gang’s backstory and importance in the game’s narrative.

Features of Vagos Hideout FiveM MLO:

  • FiveM Ready: Designed with compatibility in mind, ensuring smooth gameplay and integration.
  • Base Floor Design:
    • Two secure entry and exit doors, ensure safety and accessibility.
    • A well-equipped kitchen captures the gang’s everyday life.
    • Spacious hall equipped with a seating area for members to relax and strategize.
  • First Floor Highlights:
    • A recreational 8-ball pool table, an interesting mix of fun and strategy.
    • A bedroom symbolises the personal space of the gang members.
    • A special room designated for drug, medicine, and other item storage, underlining the gang’s various ventures.


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