Trey Baker MLO


Trey Baker MLO is a unique, custom-created map modification for FiveM, providing an immersive and personalized addition to the Grand Theft Auto V experience

Trey Baker MLO is an intricate bakery design that captures the essence of a traditional, rustic bakery in the heart of a bustling city. The design philosophy seamlessly merges the grandeur of modern aesthetics with classic bakery charms, creating an engaging space for players. The bakery is modelled to reflect a real-life bakery’s minute details, from display counters brimming with delectable pastries and cakes to the warm, welcoming decor.

The layout of the bakery is another significant aspect that deserves mention. The Trey Baker MLO doesn’t just offer an exterior look at a beautifully designed bakery, it gives players access to the entire bakery, from the front of the shop to the back. This includes the customer seating area, the order counter, and the intricate details of the kitchen where the bakery items are supposedly made.

The bakery’s design isn’t its only highlight; the MLO also provides various interactive features that make the gameplay more lively. For instance, players can run their bakery, employ NPCs, interact with customers, and even bake and sell bakery items, making it an incredible tool for role-play.

From a technical standpoint, the Trey Baker MLO showcases an impressive level of optimization. Despite its complexity, the MLO performs smoothly without causing significant performance drops. It’s compatible with most servers, making it easy to implement and enjoy.

In conclusion, the Trey Baker MLO (Bakery) is a unique and dynamic addition to the FiveM universe. It offers players an immersive role-play experience, extends the in-game business opportunities, and contributes to the overall appeal of the game environment.


  • An intricately designed bakery, combining modern and traditional aesthetics.
  • Access to all areas of the bakery, including the seating area, order counter, and kitchen.
  • The high degree of interactivity, with options to run the bakery, employ NPCs, interact with customers, and bake and sell items.
  • Excellent optimization to ensure smooth performance, regardless of the complexity of the MLO.
  • High compatibility with most servers, offering ease of implementation.


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