QBCore Mining | FiveM Custom QBCore mining script


QBCore Mining with Gold, Stone Mines, Customisable points, Nice Animations work with third eye and selling points for sell stuff.


  • Features several ways to get materials

    • Gold Panning – Search specified streams for gold and silver, or trash
    • Mining – Mine to get stones that can be wash or cracked for materials
    • Stone Washing – Wash stone to find rare gems or gold
    • Stone Cracking – Crack open stones to find ores for crafting materials
  • Customisable points for mining, stone cracking and gold panning

    • Add a Location for an ore to the config and it will use this location for both qb-target and a prop
    • Can place them anywhere, doesn’t have to be just one mining location
    • I opted for a drilling animation as opposed to the pickaxe swinging
    • Nicely animated for better immersion
  • NPC’s spawn on the blip locations

    • These locations can also give third eye and select ones have context menus for selling points
  • NPC’s and ore’s Spawn at Mineshaft + Quarry so your players can go to either

  • Features simplistic built in crafting that uses recipes in the config.lua

  • Features Jewel Cutting bench as an attempt to add more than just gold bars and such to sell

    • You can use your gold bars and jewels to craft other items to sell to a Jewellery Buyer



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