Qb Storage Lockers


Qb Storage Lockers script for creating lockers around Los Santos map with Unique Password and buy-sell option.

With this script, admins are able to list storage lockers for players to buy. When purchased, players are able to set a password which they can then share with friends, business partners and gang members. They can use this for shared storage, or just hiding their items from cops.


  • Staff can list unlimited amounts of storage lockers around the map
  • Staff can set the price and storage amount on each locker
  • Blips for the locker location
  • Players can sell their locker for 90% of the original price
  • Players can set their own password upon purchase
  • Players can share this password with their friends
  • Police can raid lockers
  • Optimised at 0-0.1ms Idle and 0.4/5 on use




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