qb-inventory | NoPixel 3.5 inspired inventory


FiveM Store introducing new advanced and unique qb-inventory for qbcore framework servers inspired by Nopixel 3.5 inventory.

qb-inventory based on qbcore framework and slot based inventory.  So, I know the NoPixel 3.5 inventory update is a very controversial topic for most people. So, here’s our own take and spin on the design.



  • Custom brand logo above option buttons
  • Options menu
  • Help box
  • Custom inventory images (more always being added in each new update)
  • Default weight icon easily changeable with Font Awesome icons
  • Hotkey numbers visible in inventory and hotbar slots
  • Weight progress bar
  • Tooltip has a determined height (so it won’t ever go higher than visible or cut off)
  • Text overflow ellipsis used (so your product titles with never overlap the containers and instead do “…”)
  • Blurred inventory background
  • Elements of NoPixel 3.5 design ideas interwoven

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