Munity Hookies FiveM MLO: The Ultimate GTA 5 Bar Map Experience


Dive into the vibrant Munity Hookies FiveM MLO – a two-floor bar with unique seating, dynamic lighting, and interactive tables. Experience GTA 5 like never before!




As the vibrant gaming world continues to expand, there are a few additions that stand out like the Munity Hookies FiveM MLO. A comprehensive and engaging bar map designed for GTA players, it effortlessly blends high-end design with functionality, promising a gaming experience like no other.

A Deep Dive into Munity Hookies FiveM MLO

At its core, the Munity Hookies FiveM MLO offers a rich and captivating environment for GTA players. Whether you’re into role-playing, competitive missions, or just exploring the intricacies of the virtual world, this map has it all.

The base floor is home to an expansive seating area that can accommodate a significant number of players, making it ideal for gatherings, missions, or simply relaxing. Complementing the seating area are two bar counters, equipped to serve virtual drinks and keep your character refreshed. The heart of the party, though, lies in the dance table. Dance-offs, parties, or celebrations, the stage is set for players to show off their moves.

For those who prefer a blend of leisure and strategy, a pool ball table awaits. Challenge friends or foes to a friendly match, strategize, and showcase your virtual skills.

The exterior of the map is just as engaging as the interior. Additional seating ensures that players can enjoy a virtual breath of fresh air or plot their next mission while basking in the ambient surroundings.

However, the first floor is where exclusivity truly shines. With a playing card table, this is the place for high-stakes games and intense strategy sessions. What truly sets this floor apart, though, is its exclusive lighting. Every corner is bathed in a luminescent glow, ensuring an immersive experience.

Features of Munity Hookies FiveM MLO:

  • Fivem ready, ensuring seamless integration with your existing game.
  • Expansive base floor with seating, two bar counters, a dance table, and a pool ball table.
  • Outdoor seating area for a refreshing virtual experience.
  • Exclusive first-floor playing card table.
  • Captivating and dynamic lighting throughout the interior creates a glowing ambience.
  • Designed keeping in mind the latest community script hook v standards.
  • Part of the renowned hookies gta 5 map lineage.
  • Compatible with community service fivem and fivem hood plugins.


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