Harness the Potential of Multi Shops MLO FiveM for an Engaging Roleplay Experience


Unleash the power of roleplay in FiveM with our Multi Shops MLO FiveM, featuring a coffee shop, medical store, and tech store, all in one line




Welcome to the world of Multi Shops MLO FiveM, a comprehensive, immersive, and innovative addition to your FiveM gameplay. It’s an excellent tool that not only enhances your gaming experience but also opens up limitless opportunities for roleplay and interaction within the game.

This Multi Shops MLO is tailored specifically for the FiveM platform. Here’s a taste of the power this package brings to your gaming world. Our MLO includes three different shops that are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay, ensuring maximum engagement for players. Situated conveniently on the second floor, all the shops are arranged in a neat line, providing easy access and intuitive navigation.

Our first shop is the Bean Machine Coffee Shop Cafe, designed to be the ultimate hangout spot for players. Whether your characters need a caffeine fix, a place to meet others, or simply want to enjoy a relaxed in-game atmosphere, this virtual coffee shop caters to all their needs. The design and detailing of the Bean Machine Coffee Shop Cafe give it an authentic, immersive feel.

Next in line is the Dollar Pills Medical Store. In the dynamic and ever-changing world of FiveM, you never know when you’ll need medical supplies! This fully-stocked medical store provides everything from basic first aid to specialized medical equipment. The Dollar Pills Medical Store ensures your characters stay in their best health, no matter what the game throws at them.

Finally, we present the Digital Den Smartphone and Laptop Store, a technophile’s paradise. In this digital age, what’s a character without a smartphone or a laptop? At the Digital Den, players can purchase a range of electronic gadgets and accessories for their characters, boosting their in-game potential.


  • Seamlessly integrated multi-shop MLO for FiveM.
  • Three unique stores: Bean Machine Coffee Shop Cafe, Dollar Pills Medical Store, and Digital Den Smartphone and Laptop Store.
  • Immersive and realistic shop designs.
  • All shops conveniently located on the second floor.
  • Each shop provides unique items and opportunities for interaction.
  • User-friendly navigation within the shops.
  • Enhanced gaming experience and increased roleplay potential.


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