Mechanic Workshop FiveM MLO: Immersive FiveM Mechanic Script & QB-Core Ready


Dive into the ultimate mechanic roleplay experience in FiveM with our detailed Mechanic Workshop MLO. Fully-equipped and glowing from the inside out!




The world of FiveM has seen a myriad of modifications and scripts, but none is as revolutionary as the Mechanic Workshop MLO. This groundbreaking addition to the FiveM platform has redefined the gaming experience for players seeking a more immersive and realistic mechanic environment. This MLO, specifically crafted for FiveM, perfectly integrates within the game, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Unparalleled Features of Mechanic Workshop MLO

  • FiveM Ready: One of the most significant advantages of this MLO is that it is fully optimized for FiveM. This means you can integrate it into your server without any compatibility issues.
  • Fully-Functional Office: The mechanic workshop houses a fully functional office, a haven for administrative tasks and in-game planning.
  • Backdoor Room: This discreet room can be utilized for various purposes, adding another layer of depth and intrigue to the game.
  • Car Repair Zone: The car repair area has been meticulously designed to mimic real-life repair zones, ensuring players get the most realistic experience possible.
  • Part Repair Area: Beyond the car repair zone, there’s a dedicated space for part repair. This area is not just for aesthetics; it can be actively used to enhance the gameplay.
  • Glowing Interior: Adding to the overall ambience of the workshop, the glowing interior creates an immersive atmosphere that’s bound to captivate any player.
  • Compatibility with QBCore & QB Mechanic Job Scripts: For servers running QBCore, the Mechanic Workshop MLO is fully compatible with qb mechanic job scripts, streamlining the gameplay for QB users.
  • Innovative Scripting: The script allows for a dynamic mechanic job experience in the FiveM environment, enabling players to not only repair vehicles but also interact in diverse ways within the mechanic domain.


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