McGillConstruction MLO: Redefining FiveM Construction Mods in GTA V


Dive into the world of GTA V construction with McGillConstruction MLO, a FiveM-ready mod, offering a dynamic and immersive construction site experience.




The McGillConstruction MLO (Mapping Layout Objects) is an expansive, FiveM-ready construction mod for the popular open-world game, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). This transformative mod revitalizes your GTA V gameplay experience, accentuating your interaction with the construction domain. This feature-rich mod elevates the role of construction in the virtual world, making it as real and immersive as possible.

Built by McGill, a respected entity in construction, this mod offers an interactive and detailed construction site. At the heart of this bustling virtual construction space lies the commanding main hall, designed with meticulous precision to mirror the heart of any real-world construction site.

This MLO isn’t all about grit and dust, though. The mod also features a small but well-equipped kitchen that provides a welcome relief from the rigors of construction. There’s also a cozy sofa room, an ideal spot for your character to relax after a hard day at the construction site.

One of the standout features of the McGillConstruction MLO is the underground offices. With dedicated spaces for the CEO and Co-CEO, the offices exude an aura of power and command. These meticulously designed spaces are packed with details that add depth and realism to the gameplay.

For those with a creative bent, the designer room is a haven. This space is ideal for brainstorming sessions and conceptualizing future construction projects. The meeting room and the planner room further contribute to the immersive gameplay experience, giving players an authentic feel of running a construction business.


  • FiveM-Ready: Built for seamless integration with FiveM, offering enhanced multiplayer experience in GTA V.
  • Detailed Construction Site: A bustling construction site with a realistic main hall.
  • Comfort Zones: A small kitchen and a cozy sofa room for relaxation and breaks.
  • Underground Offices: Dedicated, detailed spaces for the CEO and Co-CEO.
  • Creative Spaces: A designer room perfect for brainstorming, along with a meeting room and a planner room for authentic business discussions.


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