Experience the New McDonald MLO FiveM: The Ultimate Virtual Fast-Food Experience


The New McDonald MLO FiveM: Your immersive virtual fast-food hub. Step into realism with a detailed layout and new offerings like the McDonald McFlurry




The world of gaming has continually evolved, producing more interactive and realistic environments for gamers to explore. Among the leading-edge developments is the integration of popular real-world franchises into these gaming landscapes. One such impressive feat is the introduction of the New McDonald MLO (Map Local Object) in FiveM, a custom modification framework for the popular Grand Theft Auto V game.

The New McDonald MLO is designed meticulously, simulating the fast-paced, fun-filled atmosphere synonymous with the globally renowned fast-food franchise, McDonald’s. This MLO is FiveM ready, implying a smooth transition into the world of GTA V roleplay servers, enabling players to run errands, hang out, or even work in the McDonald’s environment.

With two well-defined entry doors, the MLO invites players into a meticulously designed fast-food world. Inside, players can observe the dynamic display of familiar favorites – from mouthwatering pizzas and crunchy fries to refreshing colas. True to the nature of fast-food restaurants, all prices are conspicuously displayed, enabling straightforward transactions.

Beyond the customer area, the MLO expands into a well-equipped cooking area, featuring a spacious refrigerator and adequate room for preparing delectable meals. It also contains designated office space, providing a professional area for handling managerial tasks.

One of the unique features of this MLO is the back parking door, an excellent addition for quick access or an impromptu escape during the gameplay. This functionality adds an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the game, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

In essence, the New McDonald MLO offers gamers a taste of the bustling fast-food industry, wrapped in the thrilling universe of GTA V. Whether you’re role-playing as an employee, a hungry customer, or just a passerby, the McDonald’s MLO provides an immersive and engaging environment to explore.


  • FiveM Ready: Ensures seamless integration into GTA V roleplay servers.
  • Two Entry Doors: Facilitates easy access and adds to the authentic fast-food restaurant feel.
  • Display of Prices: Allows easy transactions, enhancing the gameplay.
  • Cooking Area: Equipped with a fridge and ample space for meal preparations.
  • Office Space: Designated area for handling in-game business activities.
  • Back Parking Door: Adds an exciting layer of unpredictability to the game.


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