Revolutionize Roleplay With Echo Rock FiveM MLO: A Virtual Hub for Finance and Insurance Services


Elevate your FiveM roleplay with Echo Rock MLO. Experience an immersive finance & insurance realm with dedicated offices and a meeting hall.




Echo Rock FiveM MLO is an innovative modification for the popular FiveM role-playing game that transforms the way players experience insurance and financial services in the gaming landscape.

Developed with meticulous attention to detail, this Multiplayer Online (MLO) modification brings in a fresh wave of immersion and interaction, providing an exceptional platform for players to engage with virtual financial services and insurance operations. The mod perfectly integrates into the FiveM infrastructure, ensuring seamless operations while making the gaming world richer, more detailed, and infinitely more exciting.

Echo Rock FiveM MLO introduces an impressive set of four offices, each helmed by a digital financial advisor or officer. These spaces have been carefully designed to reflect the authentic environment of real-world financial institutions, thereby giving players a chance to engage in a lifelike professional experience. Whether it’s consultation, transaction processing, or account management, the offices cater to the various financial needs of the FiveM community.

Moreover, the MLO also features a comprehensive planning and meeting hall. Here, players can engage in strategic discussions, plan financial ventures, or organize meetings with other characters. This significant feature adds depth to the gameplay, opening up new avenues for collaboration and strategy formation.

Features of Echo Rock FiveM MLO:

  • Seamlessly integrates with the FiveM platform
  • Incorporates four detailed offices for financial advisors and officers
  • Presents a realistic depiction of insurance and financial services
  • Features a comprehensive planning and meeting hall for strategic discussions and collaborations
  • Enhances gameplay by introducing intricate financial and insurance operations


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