The Ultimate Role-play Adventure with Blackrose MLO FiveM


Dive into a lifelike VR universe with the Blackrose MLO FiveM




The Blackrose MLO FiveM is an exemplary addition to the landscape of the popular multiplayer platform FiveM. Boasting a unique design and array of features, this mod significantly enhances the player’s virtual experience. At its core, the Blackrose MLO mod incorporates a beautiful reception hall, fully equipped with a minimum of eight table and chair sets.

Alongside this main hall, the Blackrose MLO FiveM seamlessly integrates a functional billing counter. This feature not only provides practical use within gameplay but also contributes to overall realism and immersion. The design attention doesn’t end there; the mod also includes a well-structured kitchen room, perfect for roleplay scenarios or just a well-rounded visual experience.

Notably, the Blackrose MLO FiveM stands out by offering office space, adding to the depth and authenticity of the gameplay. This office serves multiple purposes, making the mod versatile for various in-game situations.

Furthermore, Blackrose MLO incorporates a clothing section, providing an avenue for characters to switch or customize their outfits. Rounding off the features is a meticulously detailed bathroom, underscoring the developers’ commitment to creating a comprehensive and fully-realized virtual space.

The mod’s detailed design, comprehensive features, and realistic aesthetics make the Blackrose MLO FiveM an unmissable asset for players seeking to enrich their FiveM experience.


  • Reception hall with at least eight tables and chair sets: Offers a versatile space for gatherings and interactions.
  • Functional billing counter: Adds to the realistic gameplay experience in Blackrose MLO FiveM
  • Fully-equipped kitchen room: Ideal for role-play scenarios, increasing the depth of the gameplay.
  • Dedicated office space: Adds an extra dimension of functionality and authenticity.
  • Clothing section: Enables character customization and outfit changes.
  • Detailed bathroom: Enhances the overall realism of the in-game space.


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