Easytime – FiveM Time & Weather Script: A Comprehensive Review



Features of Easytime – FiveM Time & Weather Script:

  1. Dynamic Weather with Natural Cycles:
    • Enables natural progression of weather conditions.
    • Avoids abrupt weather shifts; for instance, transitioning from sunny to thunder seamlessly.
    • Offers an optional instant change mode.
    • Rain, as an example, gradually increases from low to high intensity.
  2. Persistent Weather Setting:
    • Save your preferred settings to a settings.txt file.
    • The saved configurations are automatically implemented after the server restarts.
  3. Instant or Smooth Forced Time/Weather Changes:
    • Staff can enforce instant or smooth transitions using the in-game UI.
    • Players experience seamless and natural transitions.
  4. Unnoticeable Time Transitions:
    • Ensures smooth shadow transitions, eliminating sudden jumps.
    • Even with instant time change enabled, players perceive a continuous flow.
  5. Gradual Weather Changes:
    • Takes about 3 minutes for a complete weather shift.
    • Makes weather transitions almost imperceptible to players.
  6. In-Game UI:
    • The hub for all primary adjustments.
    • Enables functionalities like toggling dynamic weather, setting time, activating blackouts, and more.
  7. Configurable Weather Chances:
    • Customizable frequency for rain, thunder, and snow based on percentage chances.
  8. Fully Synchronized Across Players:
    • Seamless synchronization for new players joining the server.
    • Compatibility with ESX/QBCore frameworks.
  9. Shell Support:
    • Optimal in-shell weather and time settings for individual clients.
    • Automatic re-synchronization once a player exits the shell.
  10. Blackout Mode:
  • Globally disables all lights in the city.
  • Optional setting to keep vehicle lights on during blackouts.
  1. Freeze Time:
  • Static time setting for those who prefer consistent in-game time.
  1. Optimization:
  • Prioritized performance optimization ensures smooth gameplay.
  1. Animated Time Slider:
  • Intuitive UI element to adjust the in-game time.
  1. Tsunami Warning:
  • In-character server restart warning.
  • Uses visual and sound alerts, simulating an impending tsunami, to inform players.

Cons of Easytime – FiveM Time & Weather Script:

  1. Overwhelming for Beginners: With a plethora of features, new users might find the interface and settings a bit overwhelming initially.
  2. Dependence on Settings.txt: Reliance on an external file for saving settings might raise concerns regarding data loss or corruption.
  3. Tsunami Warning Theme: The choice of a tsunami warning might not resonate with all server themes or narratives.

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